My Search for the Spot Marked “X”

A Journey to Share?

Hi, my name is Gerry and I’m probably an incurable romantic. That doesn’t mean I‘m an impractical dreamer – not really . . . I do realize that dreams of an “Innocent Age” are just so much twaddle: Humankind is a Predator.

Which leads me to Why this Website? Like most people I was just cruising along, doing my own thing. Until my way of life hit a brick wall (figuratively speaking!) Which, of course, led to a lot of thinking – I had to find another way to earn my keep, another highway to go on. So why not the “e-Way”? What a steep learning curve this heady ride was: The vehicles on this electronic highway are driven by people that are very, very professional, frightfully knowledgeable about the psychology of pedestrians, the proverbial “man-in-the-street” surfer-searchers. Easy prey! You and me!

That motivated me: Finding the nuggets, the pure diamonds in this stream is quite difficult. If not close to impossible: Whichever way you tweak your search there’s bound to be someone that’s one jump ahead of you, that are waiting for just YOU. This crystallized into the need for a place where a weary (and often wounded!) searcher can relax, because what is offered there is a tested and proven way to reach your goal (not someone else’s pockets!)

There are many, many ways to realize a dream such as an online business, but there’s very few that deliver success persistently. And even less that are so well designed with so many features, tools and information that it is one of a kind. That is what I’m sharing on this website: I’m not selling; I’m pointing.

Narrowing the search

After looking down many time-wasting, misleading and down-right frightful avenues, I reached some conclusions:

  • Paid Surveys: You can make money with them. Depending on your “demographic profile”, you won’t get many surveys, and even less money. For myself – I just couldn’t live with emulating some high-profile-teenage-shopper personality. Hard, boring work with a paucity of rewards.
  • Affiliate Programs: Most definitely high potential – the way to go. But some prerequisites to be successful.
  • Article writing: Very exciting, with lots of scope and potential. Only problem is that you’re not allowed affiliate links (so-called “hop-links”) in either the body of the article or your “author box”.
  • ppc (Pay-per-click): Known as “AdWords” – the main source of income that keep the Big Search Engines on the playing field. So lots of people must be clicking on them? If it’s your AdWords, you’re paying the SE, so you have to have something worthwhile to sell – you better have a high “conversion rate”.
  • Work from home/WAHM (Work-at-home-Mom)/Home Business: Yeah. Right. Who wouldn’t love to do just that?? Any ideas? Sure! Read on:
  • Your own website

    What I realized was that most of the concepts above have high potential, which is only restricted by the scope of your imagination. But one essential ingredient was missing – I had to have my own website. Plenty of those available on the web, even “free website hosting”. After looking at scores, I realised none were looking like I wanted them – these internet marketing businesses were not my very own website design. They presented nothing of who I am: My wish-list was growing!

    What about website promotion? How is it done? What is “viral marketing?” What is SEO – search engine optimization? I had many more questions than answers, and finding some answers only raised more questions. Like, “Who can I trust? Really trust?” “How do I go about it?” “Is there anybody out there who is not just interested in taking my money and running?” I was (and not only probably!) heading for a blue funk . . .

    Sweet Spot X

    Then one day (can’t even remember how it happened) I stumbled across a group of passionate people offering help. This is just too good to be true, I thought. What’s in it for them? There must be a catch somewhere.

    As I’m writing here, I’ve come quite a way down the road with them. Thus far I’m very impressed, compared to other options I found on the Web. How do they compare? Hmm, difficult question – how do you compare something that’s “one of a kind” with what doesn’t exist? Nowhere else did I feel right at home. (I’ve experienced tightly knit, caring, compassionate communities before, and I still miss that way of life.)

    So, I’ve found my solution. But this page is about “me” and already getting too long. Therefore, if you want to learn what it was, you’ll have to jump to My Solutions page. See you there!

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