Choosing your Webhost

It is not a well-known fact, but the choice of a host for your website is even more crucial to its success than the choice of a niche. Surprised? Let's look at some desirable qualities in a good host:

Must be large: A large host can support large numbers of websites, attracting very large numbers of visitors. That is it has a very wide bandwidth for traffic, and is not too stingy and restrictive on your website size and number of allowed visitors (ideal is to have "unlimited" on all counts). Because it has ample facilities, downtime will be very little or zero.

Offer a wide selection of website building services.

Do not restrict you to only certain types of websites

Not too expensive


Offer a wide selection of choices/add-ins

Compare the serious, major Internet Business Hosts:

(The following table should speak for itself - there isn't quite any other host that offers anything comparable to Solo Build It!)

Have a look at this page:

SiteSell Hosting


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