Accelerate Traffic - Search Engine Optimization

The major search engines are notoriously slow in "spidering" and indexing websites. While that is not completed, very few visitors will stumble across your site, and this can be rather disheartening.

Content-rich webpages

A sure-fire way of getting the search engines to sit up and take notice (in the vernacular called "Search Engine Optimization" or SEO), is to create high quality, content-rich webpages - as many as you can. That will satisfy the engines, but to satisfy visitors it is necessary to keep in mind what they are looking for: Visitors come from searchers on the Internet. And people search for solutions. Keep that in the front of your mind. But don't worry - if you follow the Action Guide to build your site, you will get ample guidance in doing just that.

Publish articles

Another way to convince yourself that your site is actually alive and accessible and can get visitors (and very heartening it is to visit the Traffic Center of your website and see visitor stats climbing!) is to publish articles. There's nothing like a good article to kick-start your visitor count! And writing articles is also a very good way to force you to create suitable landing pages for them ... Which in itself is a good thing for your website. What an excellent chain reaction, going round and round, improving your site's PR (Page Rank, assigned according to visitors and links to your site), drawing more visitors, and having you create more pages ...

Added Bonus

By publishing articles with many directories and other publishers, you will be gaining inbound links to your site at least equal to the number of places you published with. Good articles will also be scooped up by webmasters hungry for good content - even more inbound links! Article Spinning software may be an answer to produce unique article versions, but it requires lots of work to produce even half-decent, readable copies. Have a look at a better option: Article Marketing and SEO

Not sure on how to get the creative juices flowing to write all those pages and articles? Why don't you take a Netwriting Master's Course? It's FREE and all you have is to download it and start reading. You can read a bit more about the course here:

Or you can Click HERE to download the "Netwriting Master's Course" directly.

The material in The Netwriting Masters Course is extensive in scope. It will require some effort and commitment on your part, as does anything important that yields rewards. Just take the time needed to digest the information properly before you start writing. Understanding the concepts will boost your confidence level in applying them. Enjoy!

Alexa Traffic Rank

Want to see how your site's Traffic Ranking (as well as any other site you visit) is performing on a daily-updated basis? Install the Alexa Toolbar ( With the toolbar you can also instantly see how many sites are linking with yours (or any other site you visit). And a lot more handy information - have a look - the toolbar is free, and not intrusive at all.
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