Serious Burns Unit

Oh my goodness! You look bad! Burnt more than just our fingers, have we?

Been taken for a scorching ride by those low life dirty dogs? They can really take it out of you (money, especially!) You need to grow some more skin, make no mistake.

We really will have to work carefully with you – your prognosis doesn’t look too good . . . What you need, first of all, is to believe that not everyone on the Internet is out to get you. There really are some good guys out there. If can just hook up with some people with empathy, you may change your outlook on the “earn online” scenario. It is quite possible to avoid the less savory online types, and still do your own thing.

Are you, incidentally, a “Work at Home Mom” that wanted to contribute financially to the household? Here you can meet some of them, and learn how they did it: (Be sure to click on the “videos by mothers working from home” link on this site!)

Solo Build It!

Maybe if you meet some people that wanted to live their dream? The link below will introduce you to some “common-or-garden”, you-and-me kind of people. All of them succeeded in the end:

I Love SBI!

If you’re still uncertain, think on it a bit, and then either return to my site, or to the SBI! site and explore some more. (Back then, it took me also quite some time to make up my mind to take the Big Step! What helped me was to consider my options – not good! I had a serious accident and lost my (one-man) business. And I wasn’t getting anywhere fast with the run-of-the-mill offers on the Web. Didn’t have many options, really, with the family panicking . . . So I clamped my teeth on the bit and RAN! You can too . . .)


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