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PSP Members,

I've got a great technical play for us today!

This stock has been steadily climbing over the last few weeks, but we're still well below the 52-week high, and it looks like it's going to continue this week!

Our pick is a solar company that's in the process of finalizing an acquisition and has garnered a lot of attention from investors in the last week.

I think our pick is about to have a big day today, and hopefully show us a sizable percentage gain!

This should be a great pick for us to capitalize on before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Solar Thin Films Inc


SLTZ Chart

Currently Trading: $0.42

PSP Members,

Today's pick (SLTZ) is a solar play that has already doubled in the past 2 weeks, on fairly low but active trading, and recent acquisition news. As news regarding the acquisition is coming to light, I believe SLTZ has potential for a breakout week.

SLTZ is a solar company that is in the sizzling hot solar market. There seems to be a buzz about this Company, which historically has looked to expand rapidly through strategic acquisitions.

Like many good companies in the market this year, their stock took a hit earlier in the year, but has been churning of late and looks like it is rallying towards levels seen 7 months ago.

The potential for a 1-day gain of 15% - 20% exists, as does an explosive 60% gain. This was the case in April when the stock jumped from $0.54 to $0.88 on a record 603,000 volume. I personally believe SLTZ has this kind of breakout potential for us this week as we hear more regarding the acquisition of 2COR9 (more on this below).

About Solar Thin Films, Inc.:

Company Website: www.solarthinfilms.com

Solar Thin Films (headquartered in New York) is a company that establishes and manages solar farms throughout the United States, Israel, Canada and other places with government support programs for solar power generation. One of the most solar market friendly states is California, which happens to have a massive renewable energies push, with programs like the California Solar Initiative. The state created the California Solar Initiative to target subsidies for residential sized systems in addition to other programs aimed at large-scale commercial utility sized installations. SLTZ actually went out and acquired a company that could help them capitalize on these business opportunities in California!

SLTZ's Acquisition of 2COR9 LLC:

Last Friday, Solar Thin Films, Inc. (OTC: SLTZ) announced the signing of an agreement to acquire 100% of 2COR9, LLC, a California-based company, "which will develop and install solar power plants for industrial, commercial, and government customers." According to this press release, "the acquisition should be completed within the next week or 10 days." California is the largest player in the PV (photovoltaic) market, and with the 2COR9 pipeline looking solid; SLTZ plans to significantly grow their business.

Recent News:

The Company's latest press release announced that they would offer a $3.5 million convertible debenture through a placement agreement with Network 1 Financial Securities. Debentures are tools used by large companies to raise capital for their projects and operations. If successful, the funds will be used to develop and finance solar farm projects domestically and internationally.

The Solar Market:

We've talked at some extent about the booming solar market. If you didn't already know, PV (photovoltaic) is a technology that converts the sun's energy into electricity. Every single day the sun is delivering energy to the earth for free. And companies like SLTZ are looking to deliver a PV product that is tops amongst their competitors. Here are some additional facts:

* The U.S. solar electric capacity, including both photovoltaic and concentrating solar power installations, increased by 37% in 2009. Photovoltaic installations (grid-tied) grew by 38%.

* The total amount of energy irradiated from the sun to the earth's surface is enough to provide for annual global energy consumption 10,000 times over.

SLTZ Technical Indicators:

SLTZ is currently trading around $0.42 and provides investors with great short-term profit possibilities. SLTZ exploded the last couple weeks rallying from $0.21 November 11 to a High of $0.45 this past Friday, for a possible 114% gain over that period.

SLTZ hit a high of $0.88 in April and looks to be trending back to those levels. At $0.42 a share it's still less than half of what it was trading at back in April!

We've seen multiple 1-day gainers of 9%, 13%, 15%, and so on. The potential for a solid 1-day gain and multiple day rally certainly exists with SLTZ.

SLTZ.OB has shown pretty consistent trading this entire year, with a lot of potential profit opportunities. I believe we are on the cusp of another breakout starting this week.

Solar is a very hot market and investors are more than likely to flock to SLTZ. There's also a great chance that a new press release could hit the wire Monday, which tends to happen with many "active" penny stocks. Let's look for some strong profit potential tomorrow!

Happy Trading,



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