Investing In Penny Stocks? In The Middle Of A Recession?

This may be something that you do not know, or have not realized: A recession is absolutely The BEST Time to invest in the Micro-cap Market!

A recession in the "big" stock indexes is a positive factor in the Penny Stock Market due to the simple fact that when the big indexes aren't doing well, many investors take a break from large cap stocks, to focus on the micro cap sector (more commonly known as Penny Stocks).

While a negative trend (such as a recession) is dominant, large cap stocks just cannot recover. Micro-cap stocks, on the other hand, are much more independent of overall market conditions. This is very attractive to the large investors, and brings forth a large increase in liquidity in this sector.

And this brings us to the bottom line: As this current recession is a real shocker, we can expect unprecedented gains to be evident in the penny stock market - more than ever before! There just couldn't be a better time to invest in penny stocks than right now!

While everyone is interested in making money, not everyone will like weekly stock trading - this may not be for everyone.

If you trade any type of stock on a regular basis it is a given that occasionally you will have a losing trade once in a while. If you are the kind of person who is not stable enough to handle any type of loss, then this is not for you.

This is a rare opportunity, but for serious people only: You need to follow a given strategy - if you think you can do that, you can generate significant financial profits.

Do you feel that you're a plucky person, ready to make money, and are prepared to take calculated and controlled risks that maximizes profits and minimizes losses? Then weekly penny stock alerts are exactly what you've been looking for.

Remember you have to follow an exact strategy that was developed for making significant gains with penny stocks. (Penny stocks regularly show value increases of up to 600 percent.)

Here is a simple calculation you can do yourself:
1. Only 20 percent profit per trade.
2. Invest $1000

Type in your calculator: 1000x1.2
You will see: 1,200 (That is $1000 times 20 percent profit = $1,200 running total.)
Now do: 1,200x1.2
(Result = 1,440)
Now repeat this ("times 1.2") Do this 38 times.

Result = $1,020,676

That is what an investment of $1000 can become after only 38 trades, at only 20% return per trade!

Interested in this limited and quite rare opportunity? To find out exactly how to accomplish these remarkable results, you have to follow up!