Fine-tuning Your Website Niche

The niche for your website is a small subset of the area of interest or specialty that you are considering. It can literally be anything from realizing a long-held dream, to a hobby, an interest, or to establishing an offline business online. Nevertheless, it is worth every minute you spend in thinking about it. It is literally the backbone of your future website, and the choice will make or break it. Deciding about building a website will be easy for some people (an existing business, for example); for others it will be of extreme importance (desperately need a source of income); for others it will be just expressing themselves on the web (income from the site optional). But all of these people can benefit from applying some careful thought beforehand.

Choosing your Niche

In a nutshell: Refine and test your idea for a website topic (before you register a domain name and start building): It can save you a lot of time and effort and avoid having to start building a new website all over again. Your idea must be viable and in touch with reality. That doesn't mean it cannot be original! There are a number of things you can do to test the viability of your idea:

• Test your idea rigorously by actually doing searches on the Internet: Try to think like someone searching on the web for this idea or info. Which search phrase(s) or word(s) would you/they use? Which alternative words or phrases would you use (synonims)? Do they deliver results like you expected? When you do your search, look at what Google suggests, both suggestions below the search bar while you are typing your search words, and often at the bottom of the page below the search results (Under "Similar Searches").

• Identify interesting looking websites in your subject area within the search results. Open them and look at how they structured their site. At how categories are approached. Do they satisfy the query you typed? Are there gaps in the info you would expect to find? Could you improve on the presentation and information content?

• Identify searcher demand and supply for this niche. Look at the number of search results Google display, and at the actual results: Is it several websites, or does the displayed results quickly become blog posts and articles? Are there large numbers of relevant "Sponsored Links" (AdWord ads)? You just might be lucky in having hit a subject with large demand (lots of people looking for it) and not too many supplying info. Later on we'll look at a tool to refine this evaluation.

• Can you supply something better? More relevant information, more quality content, another approach in presenting it?

• Search for blogs or forums on your subject. Are there large numbers of them, or do you struggle to find any. This can be both bad and good: No blogs on the subject is a sure indication that few people are interested in it. Only a few indicate a specialist- or new subject. And they're just waiting for someone to lead them to the promised land of plenty . . .?!

• Think about ways in which you can promote your website. Would you be able to write articles on this subject? Easily contribute on blogs and forums? (This is one of the techniques to establish back-links to your site - important for search engines.)

• How much do you know about your subject? Are you confident that you can write page after page of high quality content? The more high quality webpages you can write in quick succession, the faster your search engine PR (page rank) will climb. And the higher their originality and quality of content, the happier your visitors will be.

To get the full picture of what the actual building of a successful website is all about, I would strongly suggest that you have a good look at the Solo Build It! Action Guide. This is the actual and complete SBI! Action Guide that you will be using if you decide to build your own website using their unique process. By looking at the video tutorials of the first five or six days you will get a very good understanding of the critical issues controlling the success of a website (such as niche, keywords and domain name.)

I know it is unheard of for a company to share its key to success so openly, but once you've had a good look, you will understand why SBI! can do so with supreme confidence: Nobody else comes near to offering such a powerful approach.

To access the SBI! Action Guide, click here: SBI! Action Guide

Once you've watched the first few videos, I'm sure you will be convinced that the system offered is incomparable. If so, my advice is to download all the videos (about 30) so that you can watch them at your leisure (pause, stop, rewind, fast forward, make notes).

If you decide to go ahead with website building, my best advice is to watch all the videos (from first to last) all in one go (or as close as feasible), read all the Action Notes, right through the complete course, before you start to build. This will give you a superior idea of what it's all about and how all the modules fit into and support each other, and can save you considerable time, confusion and frustration later on. Once you have a clear picture of the process, building your site will be pure pleasure!

Find Your Niche


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