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My search for Internet business solutions had the usual motivation – according to surveys for instance, three out of four people in America have the desire to work from home. Often this may be not just a simple desire, but actually a need, a necessity as in my case. So, like everyone in my shoes, I tried to find a solution on the Internet. Few people are really net-savvy, and such a search can be quite a harrowing experience.

Even if you survive this search relatively unscathed one invariably becomes disillusioned: The numbers of unscrupulous operators on the Web are overwhelming, and they are very good at what they do. No surprise in that - if you look at e-commerce market-trend reports, the figures are inconceivable: You would just expect the sharpest minds to be focused on this opportunity.

Luckily I did not become totally disheartened and over a few months calmed down enough to start thinking again. What I realized is that there are a number of aspects of this market that an ordinary person (like me!) can implement to generate some “online” income. I also realized that there are a significant number of people in the same boat as me. These thoughts led to the creation of this website: If I could help even a small number of people with what I’ve learned, I would be quite happy.

I think the single most important thing I learned about establishing a website (an absolute prerequisite for earning online), is that though there are a large number of ways you can do it, very few are really effective. The choice of the host for your website is critical. But more about this later.

How did I reach “My Solutions”? Part of the story is revealed in My Journey. The rest follows, as they say. My research was quite extensive and rather an adventure: At one stage I became convinced that I was blighted by the old curse: "May you live in Interesting Times . . ." At the end of my search (having lived through all these "interesting" times), I reached these conclusions:

  1. Website Hosting: You just have to own a website with a competent host.
  2. Website Design: This website must be tightly woven around a site concept. This can (really!) be virtually anything you can dream of – a passion, a dream, a hobby, a speciality, an existing off-line business, or as, in my case, empathy with the zillions of people in the same boat as me – a need to help: A sudden need to go online, and not knowing how to negotiate all the pitfalls and traps and potholes out there. For many of us that’s a numbing experience. It can literally stop you dead in your tracks. With a bad taste in your mouth and a deathly angst to go where “angles fear to tread!”
  3. Search Engine Optimization: To “get on the map” a website must have lots and lots of “traffic” (visitors). Many, many ways to do just that. More than I want to list here. You’ll know a lot about it when you’ve completed the journey like I did (such as Learn about website promotion). To find the rest you can always return to my website and explore My Resources. This resource will grow and grow, as I find more and more, and you’ll always be welcome back!
  4. Internet Income: Any website can always earn you substantial income, even if that is not your main aim (for example a hobby site). Oodles of ways to do that – take the journey and learn!
These are all I want to list right now and are the most important Kernels of Truth, the Golden Nuggets. The rest follows from here. For instance: “How do I do it?” There are a number of ways to get your own financially successful website up and running, depending mostly on how much time you can or want to spend on it. It boils down to basically three ways: Build it yourself, build it with help, or get it built. Let’s explore them in a little more detail:
  • Build it Yourself: If you can find the time - you work at your own pace. This is a very good way to go: You learn a LOT! You learn about things you never even knew existed! And in the end you can be justly proud of what you accomplished! (Pardon all the exclamation marks – this is all so exiting!!) More about this in Build It Yourself.
  • eLearning: If you prefer structured learning, then try it – real-time, online course with a live coach, at a time of your choice. And you’ll end up the proud owner of the website of your dreams!
  • Have it built: Pressed for time? But still want a really professionally custom-built website? Leave it to the passionate professionals – you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but more so with the cost!
  • One more thought to share with you: When I first met SBI! (Solo Build It!) I was quite bothered by the low prices they’re charging. There must be something wrong here, I thought. How can it be so low? Only with time did I learn the answer: Passion! A whole community bound by passion and empathy. I pass that pleasant experience onto you!

    Oh! One more thought to share: Many, many times I’ve come across the (seemingly obligatory) “No Risk!” guarantee. Just to find that there’s no such thing. Wrong! I give you my solemn word that with SBI it’s a matter of honor. A Truly “Try First” offer – if it’s not for you, you can pull out. SBI couldn’t get to where it is today without that honor. Find out for yourself – happy journey!

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