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In your search for Financial Independence, for Online Income Generators, have you tried Foreign Exchange Trading, Penny Stock Trading, or even some so-called "Magic silver bullet" Passive Income Generators to ease your financial crises? Just to find that you've once again wasted your precious few dollars on yet another scam?

You have my absolute sympathy and understanding - I have myself been there for a very long time, and have myself wasted literally thousands of dollars on one scam after the other. You just keep on thinking: "There must be something out there that can get me out of this blue funk of financial despondency."

A year ago I had a serious accident and six months later a massive heart attack - this completely wiped out my ability to manage my one-man business. Month after month my meager savings account dwindled alarmingly: Let me tell you - I was picking up revs in a flat spin like it was going out of fashion.

Fighter that I am, I just did not give up in my search for something to help me earn an income online. It paid off: A few months ago I started finding solutions that were not outright money-slurping scams.

I have yet to find that elusive "Magic Silver Bullet" but at least I now have enough financial leeway to look long and hard at potential solutions before I try it. Which led me to decide to share what I find: I have spent all this time and money on trying out online income earners - why not help someone else by recording them all together on one website?

So this is what you will find on this web page: The absolute cream of the crop! Everything I present here, I have bought, researched and tested exhaustively. I offer these solutions with absolute confidence and peace of mind - they are not going to burn you.

None of them will cost you an arm and a leg; they require a minimum of input from your side, and by following the requirements, you will at last be on your way to achieve financial independence.

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Massive Passive Profits

Here is my special offer for those people that have been burned once too many. It is a genuine, no-spoof, not-a-scam deal, it really works, and it will heal your wounds in no time at all. My solemn promise! Just click on the link below or the banner to the right, and listen to what Bill McRea has to say. It will be worth your few precious minutes. And. It. Will. Change. Your Life. Come on, go right ahead - click the link - absolutely no strings attached!

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What do they say about bringing a horse to the water . . . ?


Service Evaluation Program

This is too easy! And a nice sideline: If you are older than 18, you can join this program and earn up to $28 per hour. There are large numbers of department stores, restaurants and other service oriented companies that are looking for someone to evaluate their services. Unneeded to say that you will enjoy this work, and at no cost to you.

By joining this program you will get supplied with information about what jobs are available, how much you can expect to earn, how to get assignments delivered directly to you by email, and also what other benefits will be available to you under this program.

For USA: Click Here!

For Canada: Click Here!

For UK: Click Here!


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Penny Stock Trading

This may be something that you do not know, or have not realized: A recession is absolutely The BEST Time to invest in the Micro-cap Market!

A recession in the "big" stock indexes is a positive factor in the Penny Stock Market due to the simple fact that when the big indexes aren't doing well, many investors take a break from large cap stocks, to focus on the micro cap sector (more commonly known as Penny Stocks).

While a negative trend (such as a recession) is dominant, large cap stocks just cannot recover. Micro-cap stocks, on the other hand, are much more independent of overall market conditions. This is very attractive to the large investors, and brings forth a large increase in liquidity in this sector.

In the United States of America, a penny stock, also known as a micro cap equity, refers to a share in a company which trades for less than $5.00. In other countries the term may be used differently, without reference to US institutions.

Some of these alternative criteria include

  • a price per share being less than $1, and as low as fractions of one cent;
  • a market cap of less than $50 million or less than $25 million;
  • trading on more obscure markets, such as the Pink Sheets.

While such definitions are sometimes used by individuals and retail investors, the various and loose unconventional definitions enjoy no consensus or accuracy.

As well, there are many limitations with the alternative definitions, as they often contradict themselves. For example, there are many companies trading for only a few cents with market capitalizations of hundreds of millions of dollars, or corporations trading on the Pink Sheets but having share prices of $50 or more.


Both negative and positive connotations surround micro caps and low-priced shares.

Speculative investors are attracted to micro cap equities, because generally they

  • are more volatile;
  • make larger price moves in shorter time frames;
  • have greater upside potential on a percentage basis;
  • are easier to acquire with less initial investment.
More conservative traders usually shy from the smaller stocks, because
  • the underlying companies are often less secure or fundamentally sound (e.g., no earnings or negative earnings, negative book values);
  • many shares are too volatile, on both a price and percentage basis
  • the companies generally don't pay dividends;
  • they aren't subject to the same reporting requirements as Blue Chip equities, if they are on the lower level exchanges.

The two sides to the investment philosophy ring true to the old axiom, "high risk, high reward."

How To Evaluate A Micro-Cap Company

Think big. That is the motto most successful investors live by. But sometimes, big ideas and big investment returns come in small packages. The question is: "How can you find and evaluate a winner in the micro-cap market?"

Mini Equities

These companies have market capitalizations in the $50 million to $300 million range. They typically trade on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or Nasdaq exchanges. Although less talked about by Wall Street analysts, micro-caps are not wholly unknown; in other words, you will definitely find many companies that you recognize among their ranks.

Micro-cap equities, which can be measured by the Russell Micro-Cap Index, have significantly outperformed both the S&P 500 large cap and Russell 2000 small cap indexes over the past five years.

Micro-caps can provide significant diversification to your portfolio. This asset class typically has very low correlations with other U.S. equity classes (as low as 0.60 versus the S&P 500 for the period 1972-2006), as well as low correlations with international equity and fixed-income securities.

Analyzing Micro-Caps

Micro-cap companies don't generate fat investment banking fees for Wall Street firms, so they rarely enjoy regular research coverage by analysts. As a result, it can take more time and effort to analyze a small company than a large one, and fewer published reports means an investor must do more original research.

When it comes to analyzing a micro-cap company, the approach is the same as for a larger company; only what you emphasize in this analysis will differ. Like any potential investment, you might start out by assessing the current stock price against its 52-week high/low trading range. You might glance at valuation ratios, such as the price/earnings multiple or price/book multiple, to see if the stock looks cheap or expensive. You'll probably review the company's financial statements to learn how much net profit is being earned on revenues, how high debt levels are compared to the company's capital base and whether the company is generating cash or burning it.

You may also notice a sizable deficit in shareholders' equity, where a positive number ought to be. Don't be too alarmed! These may be signs that the company is in its early stages of fast-paced growth.

Gaining Micro-Cap Exposure

How can you invest in micro-cap equities if you don't have the time or skill to do the necessary due diligence? Consider investing in exchange-traded funds that track a micro-cap index, such as the Russell Micro-Cap Index. Also, you might want to check out some free research ideas from independent, fee-based research firms. These firms issue stock reports on many interesting micro-cap companies that just might be right for your portfolio.

Or you may consider joining the advice service of successful penny stock traders. These are professional equity traders that are willing to share their research results (at a price). Probably the best known, and most successful, is:

James Connelly
the "Penny Stock Prophet"

Included in his penny stock alerts is his own independent research (exclusive only to his members) as well as the very specific reasons he identified a particular penny stock, and why he believes that it is about to see a rally.

If you haven't yet heard of James Connelly, it's probably because he is more commonly known by his nickname, "The Penny Stock Prophet," given to him by his peers due to his uncanny ability to discover "breakout" penny stocks just days before they experience record gains.

In the last 12 months, Connelly A.K.A "The Penny Stock Prophet" has become an internet sensation due to his stock picking strategy, that has changed the lives of hundreds of his followers.

To join his list Click Here!

Interested to see one of his recent email Alerts? Click Here! This will open a new window. You can return here from that page by clicking the "Return to Penny Stock Prophet" link.


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Home Foreclosure - Can A Foreclosure Be Delayed Or Even Stopped Altogether?

Home foreclosure is on the increase in both the United States and in many other countries across the world as the credit crunch hits with full force. Homeowners are struggling to make their mortgage repayments and are falling into arrears like never before.

Some estimates state that home foreclosures have reached over 30%. In other words, nearly a third of all homeowners are facing problems and the possible repossession of their home. That is an almost unbelievable figure and one that would have been unheard of just a couple of years ago. CNN told viewers: "Foreclosures spiked 112% in early 2008 - with no real end in sight."

As the credit crunch bites deeper worldwide, many homeowners will be wondering what, if anything, can be done to prevent a home foreclosure.

A lot of people will feel that there is little they can do, or they will feel so upset by their situation that they will sit back and just let it happen.

If you or someone you know find yourself in this situation there are in fact things that you can do. Actions that you can take to delay the repossession of your home or perhaps prevent it altogether.

The key though is to act swiftly. It's no good sitting and worrying and just letting valuable time pass when you could have been setting things in place that would at the very least buy you some time. If you have already received a notice of default you have just ninety days to respond. That may seem like a reasonable period of time, but you should consider that in 3 months from receiving that default notice if you have not taken certain actions saving your home may be much more difficult, if not altogether impossible.

If you want to save your home from going into foreclosure you cannot afford to waste any time at all. In fact, not ignoring the situation and taking action right now, no matter how painful it is, is actually in your best interest.

There are solutions that can be arranged well before you reach the last chance saloon of having your home taken away from you. Talking to your lender at an early stage is vitally important, but do be sure that you know exactly what you should be saying to them (and what you should not)!

You must know exactly who to contact first, and in what order, to find the very best (and least expensive) alternative way to solve your current foreclosure situation.

So take action, do your research and you may find that a foreclosure is not the only option.

If you are pressed for time to do all the research and you need to act now to prevent your home from being repossessed, 'Home Foreclosure Survival Tactics' will help you to better understand the actions you should be taking right away.


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Foreign Exchange Trading - a Safe, Moderated Option

Most people are very cautious to even try Forex Trading - the universal conception is that huge financial losses are unavoidable.

If you try to do searches on the Internet to learn more about Forex Trading, you can't turn yourself in the flood of advertisements - how do you find your way? What and who can you trust?

Wading through this flood of enticements you finally find some information - but the costs are shocking. Pay for all this, and you won't have any money left to trade with!

If you're like me, you finally decide that generating income through Forex Trading is an unattainable goal - education is too expensive, and the language just too dense and technical.

That is not quite the full truth. There really are ways to get into this financially rewarding niche - you just have to find the best way to do it.

Of course, this kind of knowledge will be rare and literally worth more than just the proverbial "pound of flesh". More like an arm and a leg . . .

Would YOU like to learn how to do it? The good news is that you can. Just learn to accept that there will be losses, but with the right pointers they will be much less than your profits.

You really CAN trade like a pro - it's that easy. And it will not bankrupt you to start!

Once you've seen how easy and rewarding Forex Trading can be, you won't thank me - you'll buy me a present!

If you don't try it out, you will never achieve financial independence:

I really can't tell you much more than this - anything more will be Trade Secrets . . . (Pardon the pun . . .) I would, however, strongly urge you to have a look at this page: Click Here!

Happy trading! I'm quite sure you will find this offer irresistible . . .


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Foreign Exchange Robot Trading - a Revolutionary Approach

The scam robot wave has officially come to an end, now that Forex BulletProof has become available. Here are just a few of the outstanding highlights:

  • Forex BulletProof has averaged a 5% monthly gain for the last 6 years
  • Over 4000 lines of code make up this robot, while the average Expert Advisor has just 400 lines
  • BulletProof is the first commercially available FX robot to be coded for Strategy Trader, the latest trading platform from FXCM. That’s an industry FIRST!
  • Ample live support and video tutorials

What Forex Bulletproof is NOT:

  • Forex BulletProof is NOT …. A “get rich quick scheme”
  • Forex BulletProof is NOT …. A system that yields “false promises” or results “to good to be true” or outright lies
  • Forex BulletProof is NOT …. just another “Guru”-product that promises you millions yet delivers nothing.
  • Forex BulletProof is NOT …. just another Scam Expert Advisor product.

So ,What Is Forex Bulletproof?

  • Forex Bullet Proof is a robot designed by some very well-known forex market traders. The package includes the basic robot and a couple of additional products.
  • The basic robot trades using an optimal trading strategy that incorporates a low risk strategy to offer a safe base to build on. For those traders who don’t have a high tolerance for risk it is best to stick with this strategy.
  • The Forex BulletProof High Voltage add-on is a high risk/high reward addition that is not for the average trader. You must keep a second account and you should stay on top of the main account. The second account is used for transferring out profits as they are made as well as funding the account as trades go sour. This add-on has over a 70% chance of doubling the account, but it can also empty your account. This is definitely not for the feeble of heart.
  • The Forex Bullet Proof Market Dominator add-on is for those traders who like to do manual trading. This add-on consists of the best manual trading systems from a recent trading competition.

The Good

  • It has had 6 years of real live money account trading history. And during this time it never had a losing month. Very impressive results.
  • The system can trade in any forex market.
  • The Forex Bullet Proof robot is designed by some well-known robot designers who have created very good robots in the past.
  • The members area has a good amount of information including good videos on installation and an FAQ section.
  • While early on in their history their support has been lacking, the last couple of releases from this group has included very good customer support and I expect this to continue with Forex Bullet Proof. They offer e-mail support, live chat support, and phone support.
  • They are offering a 60 day money back guarantee. This is offered through their processing company, ClickBank, which has consistently stood behind this policy. I have personally requested several refunds in the past and I have never had a problem getting a refund.

The Bad

The system uses a scheme of increasing lot size trades. While I do not have any inside information on how it works, I can tell you from looking at our back testing and our accounts that it does open multiple trades at varying lot sizes.


The robot has performed well with the designers' live accounts over the last 6 years. The designers have had successful robots released in the past and have provided very good support with their most recent releases. I feel that this robot has very good potential and is worth trying.

Forex bulletproof has been engineered to preserve, secure and then increase your capital for years to come, no matter if the political or financial world situation changes...


  • Crisis proof. - the robot is capable of re-adjusting to the changing market conditions. Should the market suddenly become too volatile (and therefore, too risky to trade), the volatility filter will intervene and take the robot to an early exit. The robot also adjusts automatically to the conditions of a specific brokerage, being compatible with both the instant execution brokers and the market execution ones.
  • Low Initial Investment Required. - The current minimum to start trading with the robot on the EUR/USD pair is as low as $450. Only if users wish to trade on both EUR/USD and USD/JPY, will they need to have a minimum of $4,000 in the trading account. Yet most profits are generated on EUR/USD, so a minimum of $450 will be perfectly sufficient.
  • Margin Call Safeguard - You CAN technically trade with as low as 1 buck, but it will result in an instant margin call and put you out of business faster than you can hit the stop trading button. $450 here means that you can safely increase your capital and that all security filters have enough room to kick into action to preserve your money and your gains.
  • Easy setup. - Forex BulletProof is an easy to utilize "set and forget" robot. No complex lists of settings to be entered, no multitude of files to be placed into various folders, no need to watch the robot during its trading. Even completely inexperienced computer users can successfully set up this robot on their computer or VPS and have it trade for them!
  • No liquidity issues. - Forex BulletProof trades DURING the market hours and not between them, like many other Forex robots. This aspect ensures sufficient liquidity at all times, no matter what the situation on the market is and how many people are using the robot. The liquidity during the forex market hours totals in the trillions of dollars. Therefore, even if there were millions of people using the robot at the same time, it would not affect the currency market in any way (especially, if your broker is STP).
  • No margin calls! - The rare drawbacks in the process of trading are minuscule and quickly recovered because the robot will NEVER produce a margin call. If things in the market get out of hand or a strong unexpected trend suddenly emerges, the subsequent trades in the robot's trading cycle will re-hedge the initial ones and the cycle will be closed immediately.
  • Careful & and safe trading environment. - The robot's trading hours and days are carefully selected based on the time zone differences between the closing and opening times of stock exchanges in different parts of the world. That's why the robot is always overall in profit no matter what the current situation is on the market. The time of the robot's market entry is set to a fixed time of the day, during which the massive asset transfer from US stock exchanges to the European ones takes place. The American trading floors (NYSE, CBOT, etc.) close down for the night when the European ones (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels etc.) are about to open in the morning, therefore boosting up the demand for the Euro against the US Dollar, as all stocks in the US are being traded in US Dollars and all stocks in Europe are being traded in Euros. The same is true for the USD/JPY currency pair- when the Japanese stock trading (where all stocks are traded for the Yen) ceases in the evening (NIPPON, NIKKEI etc.), the American one is about to resume in the morning.
  • Flexible trading. - It trades in two popular majors - EUR/USD and USD/JPY - which are offered by pretty much every broker in the market. Moreover, the spreads on these two pairs (mainly because of their popularity) are marginally low, which further serves to the user's advantage.
  • Auto adjusting to evade errors: - If a news release suddenly hits the market and a broker drastically increases its spread in response, Forex BulletProof recognizes it and automatically cuts the starting lot size for its trading cycles and once the spread is back to normal, trading with the standard starting lot size resumes. This aspect prevents the robot from being unable to close the cycle in time because of the suddenly increased spread.
  • Outages: - If a user's computer, VPS or internet connection experiences an outage, the robot can be immediately restarted from a different computer. It will recognize the trades it opened from the old computer as part of its trading cycle and will proceed with the trading as if nothing has happened.


What each and every forex robot developer overlooked until this point was refinement and the closing of risk holes.

The “Golden” BulletProof consists of 3 parts:

  • A Never Losing, Small gain/No Risk trading formula.
  • A modified trading style that will fit this specific safe platform
  • LIMIT the number of users (focus ONLY on those who are serious about a long term, safe and consistent income)


I was quite reluctant to write this review. I hesitated because there are just so many scams available these days: It is a virtual jungle out there! The proliferation of so-called automatic trading robots, and the wild claims they are making, creates a very unreceptive audience - how do you distinguish between scams and worthwhile offerings?


  • Very small niche market
  • Many Robots available - 99% of them scams


  • Ten times the normal lines of code
  • Developers spent 6 years in testing it
  • Very well hedged against losses

Taking all into consideration, I judge this a very worthwhile product that will be a heaven-sent solution to large numbers of people.

I say this not only because it is working for me! Although, there are very few things that can beat that warm glow of satisfaction to see a small (test) account growing continuously and consistently!

You have the guts and you are going to experience this for yourself:


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The Lottery Black Book

I'm truly not joking - if you've ever bought a lottery ticket (and who has not!?), it is high time you adopt a systematic approach: If you do that, you significantly improve your chances of winning. Depending on the system you employ, you can improve your chances by at least 50%.

I've investigated a large number of so-called systems - from highly involved mathematical spreadsheets, right up to and including judicious use of a pendulum (dousing the numbers).

Many of them work - I've proved that over and over again. The option I'm offering you here isn't done because I need the money - it is merely because I like to share; especially with people that really need it.

The Lottery Black Book employs a very simple system, but one that works - 5 times out of ten. It is also easy to use, without highly involved mathematical computations and permutations. It has also worked for a great many people, and you could be the next!

Get on over to Larry's site and check it out for yourself - you've got nothing to lose!


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The Deadbeat Superaffiliate

It is very, very rarely that I find a solution that I can offer with complete, superb confidence. Dan Brock is a guy that has a program that has all the makings of an easy to implement, rock-solid winner. Not only that, his program is one of those rare ones that really work:

If you are considering Affiliate Marketing as a viable option to carve yourself a profitable niche, a never aging, never stopping, passive income source, then his program is IT!

Dan Brock is also one of that very rare breed: A lateral thinker.

He's also easy-going, with a no-nonsense style, and clear-cut instructions on how exactly to go about implementing his teachings. And he is showing you how to mine some forgotten niches, just waiting to be discovered.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of highly profitable yet unexposed niches to make money from online? Dan has found ways to earn extra monthly income with very little additional work. And he shares all with us. Really!

Take it from me - I'm completely, absolutely satisfied with what I've learned from Dan - just from his program alone, I'm passively earning enough to retire right now. And never work another stitch. Ever . . . And so can you . . . What are you waiting for? If you don't implement this offer, there's nothing anybody can do for you - there's just no better offer, anywhere . . .

Click Here!


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Super-Affiliate Tools

I have hung back in offering this solution, because, quite frankly, I don't quite know how many positions are in fact available for Super-Affiliates . . . But then, why not share my good luck with a few people that still are where I was only a few months ago?

If you're a complete newbie (don't know anything about the Affiliate Market), this is the solution for you: By following the links in this piece, you will be empowered to copy (and beat!) all those Super-Affiliates you've always envied: You will have ALL the tools right at your fingertips, and most of them point-and-click easy - a pre-pubescent can follow the instructions. It is literally a fool-proof "do this, now do the following" step-by-step super-fast highway to where you've always wanted to be - Financial Independence! The ability to breach the Stratosphere is within your grasp . . .

I'm not going to put a lot of pressure on you to click on these links, but I will tell you: This is what you've been searching for - if you don't make use of this opportunity, you need your head examined, and thereafter just stick to "Mystery Shopper" opportunities . . .

IF you decide to go ahead, ready yourself for a blast of information and Super-Affiliate Tools. Go slow, watch the videos, read all the info provided, and proceed to the next step. You will be offered a lot of "this time only" add-ons; don't panic - consider each one carefully and then go ahead. ALL the add-ons are, in their own right, really quite superb opportunities, and should be considered very, very carefully, before you decide to opt out and continue. Trust me, I've been around a bit and can make considered valuations, and they all are very, very good value for money. With all the add-ons, you will be super-charged to reach financial glut in very short order.

The choice is, as always, yours! If you opt in, then Welcome to a very exclusive club! We'll be able to chat some more inside . . .

Click Here to access the Super-Affiliate Tools


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Consumer Wealth System

Breaking News! This new release just launched, and is almost sold out already! If you still want in, you better move your . . .

I'm so excited! At long last I've found what we've all been searching for for absolutely ages: It's Completely Different, it's New and it's Fresh!

The Consumer Wealth System is just 37 bucks, and that's a once of, not a monthly subscription...

I don't know about you, but for less than the cost of a decent dinner, isn't it worth finding out if I'm right?

Compare the results you get, to those you've gotten in the past following the same old same old techniques that just keep failing.

Remember, the Consumer Wealth System has been built for complete beginners like you and me, who were struggling for years and years and making almost nothing online.

Regardless of your previous experience, technical knowledge or skill, you can make the Consumer Wealth System work for you. It works in any market, at any time, and you have a full 60 days to test drive the system to put it into practice.

Look, at the end of the day the decision is yours.

All I can tell you is that this system works in any niche, in any market, at any time, regardless of how good you are.

I can't say whether this is for you, maybe you enjoy chasing your tail, or feel that you have to fail first to really enjoy success.

But I don't believe that's the case, I believe that you're here because you're sick of all the promises, you've tried other systems only to find out that it's harder (or impossible) than you were lead to believe.

This system took Daniel Turner 3 years to figure out, and it is unlike anything else available on the market.

So now you have two choices...

You can keep chasing your tail, keep trying to follow systems that promise the world and deliver nothing...


You can grab your copy of this paint by numbers, step-by-step system for just $37 and get ready to transform your life.

If you're serious about wanting to make money online and want a system that guarantees success, it's not a difficult choice.

Consumer Wealth System...It's Different, Real & Fresh

Click Here to check it out!


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What Are Current
Members Saying?

I wish I had held this even longer! I had $6,000.00 invested and I dumped all the shares when I was over 50%. That's $3,250.00 profit! I actually bought back in this morning at $0.09 with $3,125.00 and I netted an additional $2,284.00. I nearly doubled my original $6,000.00 investment. Jason F.

I have to admit I was very skeptical at first and getting a membership with you wasn't even an option. This is one of the best decisions I've made. You probably already know this but you are changing my life. Thank you for that. My family thanks you for that. Anthony B.

Thanks James for these last two picks they were a great blessing! I made 23% on the first one and 53% on the second pick. The first pick I was not a member yet but it sold me on your system. I am really excited and wanted to say Thank You!

Jan L.

That was a good run. I got out on top today at 14 cents and basically doubled my money. I'm ready for the next one! Thanks! Tony V.

Thank you for the FRHV pick!! Since Friday I've made a gain of over 200%!!! Please keep the picks coming and I will be right there buying along side of ya!!! Just wanted to give thanks! Jeff K.

Cashed out yesterday at $0.12 after purchasing it at $0.07. Not bad. Thanks!!!!!! Made nearly $350 bucks! Kurt

I just wanted to thank you; I made over 60% profits. Thank you again. Shalom

Congratulations on delivering another winner! $0.08 to $0.12 is good enough for me! Keep up the good work. Kris

Awesome pick. Got out at the perfect time with a healthy 53.5% profit. I was curious if you know when you might be looking into your next pick. Thanks for such an awesome program!!!! Jake

Hi James, Thanks again for the great pick this week! Made some good spending money for the weekend. Tim

I bought at $0.07 and Sold at $0.15. more than double! I'm happy. Thanks, Brian

Thanks for your CIIC pick from last week, which I bought at $1.63. I sold all out at $2.65 today. Cole

It's obvious you're a damn good man. Keep working your ass off for us wannabees and our accounts will grow. Mine has!!! Jacob

Made $706 real quick. $2856 for the week :) Mack

Thanks for LYJN. I bought @ $0.0235 on Friday and sold today at $0.035. Our long time waiting become successful. Thanks once again. Arif

Good morning James, I'm so happy I listened to you and held till this morning's open. I made a nice return. Thanks. Russ

Four day net gain = $3,250.00. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to your next pick. Jason

Good Call . . . Thank you! Got in and out for about 38% profit. Thanks, Craig

I'm out with a 1k profit for today! Thanks! Anthony



The Deadbeat SuperAffiliate

Super-Affiliate Tools