Getting out of the Internet Marketing Rut

Entering the Internet Marketing Arena is not nearly as easy as only a couple of years ago: Internet Marketing has become a 12-lane Super Highway. To avoid the road-rage and congestion, you've got to take another Route - break the mold and try something totally different. Only then can you really succeed.

There are basically only two factors that contribute to this (perceived) impenetrability:

  1. Because of the present financial climate, huge numbers of people have entered this market - competition really is quite fierce.

  2. Most of the "Plans" that get flogged, are in essence just glorified chain letters: "I'll pay you to sell my Plan"; the next guy in line jumps on this wagon, and the circle continues, round and around. Not much fun in that, is there? And not any profit, either...

  3. So, what can you do? Well, a proven way is to find a market, a niche, where people are searching for things they want to buy (as opposed to having to trick them in buying what you want them to buy).

    Once you reached this mindset, the way to your personal financial freedom becomes clear, and all that's left is the necessary steps to get there.

    The aim of this short piece was not intended to teach you how to do it, but only to share my experiences with you: I've spent literally thousands in investigating multitudes of approaches. I do not see that money spent as wasted - I've learned really quite a lot.

    What I'm presenting here is the results of my research - literally the fire-water, the distillate of all that work - I've been in the self same boat you're in right now, and I would like to help you get started without repeating all that slogging.

    What I'll do is give you the links to two approaches that I've found really work (if you want more information first, you can find that also on this website). But these are two new approaches and the arena will not yet be flooded with the hungry masses... So get in there while the running is good!

    The first one I strongly recommend, is Consumer Wealth System (CWS) this program is eminently user friendly. And you can jump straight in. I only wish this was available some years ago.... But then I wouldn't have gone through that learning curve, and wouldn't have been in a position to thoroughly evaluate it :-)

    The second approach I'm recommending is The Deadbeat Super Affiliate. If you are considering Affiliate Marketing as a viable option to carve yourself a profitable niche, a never aging, never stopping, passive income source, then this program is IT!

    Dan Brock is also one of that very rare breed: A lateral thinker.

    He's also easy-going, with a no-nonsense style, and clear-cut instructions on how exactly to go about implementing his teachings. And he is showing you how to mine some forgotten niches, just waiting to be discovered.

    So, short and sweet - there you have it. If you can't get up and running with these two opportunities, your only other option is to start scanning the Smalls again for job offers... ALL the other options/Plans out there is much, much harder to master (only really effective if you're already a master of Internet Marketing). Believe me, I've looked at nearly all of them...And my research was long, hard and expensive...