7 Point Battle-Plan To Fix a Slow Computer

To fix a computer running slower than usual, you need a Battle-Plan for Action, a check list to work through methodically:

  1. Virus Infection. Is it possible that your computer could be infected with a virus or some other kind of malware? If you've ever run one of the "free" virus or even Registry scanners, it is quite possible that your computer can be infected. It is sad, but many of the Registry Cleaners on offer today infect your computer with scareware - displaying dire warnings of a terrible death to your computer if you don't immediately buy the cure. (They do get weeded out, but new ones pop up overnight.) Depending on your Windows version, you can run various System Security checks and scans. If you are considering to use third party software for these scans, be very sure you are dealing with a reputable company (such as Spotmau's Powersuite 2010).
  2. Bloated Desktop. Clean it up! a bloated desktop will most certainly cripple a computer.
  3. Full Hard Drive. A hard drive that is nearly full, will cause a computer to be really slow: Windows need an appreciable portion of the main drive for its "swap file", kind of an extension (also called "Virtual Memory") of the RAM. A swap file, also called a page file, is a large area on the hard drive used for temporary storage of information. Windows uses the swap file to improve performance. A computer normally uses primary memory, or RAM, to store information used for current operations, but the swap file serves as additional memory available to hold additional data. If your main drive has become too full, you can move the swap file to another drive. Consult the MS Knowledge Base to do this - you don't want to make a mistake!
  4. CPU Cooling. Is the fan on the processing unit noisy? This is usually a sign that it has passed its "best by date" (the less costly fans do not use bearings, but low-friction bushes. These become dry or worn out). Replace it immediately - they are not expensive; just make sure you get the correct one for your CPU. A CPU overheating is often the cause of a computer running slower than usual, or other strange irregularities in its performance. Easy to fix.
  5. Power Supply Unit. Is your PC's PSU running on the hot side? It may be underrated for the job - not coping with all the additional drives and cards you've added. Get a technical opinion on this issue. All you might have to do is to fit another fan to the body of the box to cool things down. (Heat causes resistance in conductors - think of incandescent light bulbs.)
  6. Fragmented Hard Drive. If your computer has had a long history of program installation and uninstalls, huge files stored on it (modern digital images and videos are really large files!) - altogether a busy life, then it is certainly fragmented. And doing regular defragmentation runs is not going to improve it all that significantly. I have a quite drastic (but simple) solution to this problem - more at the end of this list of fixes.
  7. Corrupted Registry. Seldom the cause of serious slowdown in computer performance. More often the cause of significant disruption in programs' performance (such as not running at all). Best advice is to identify the culprit, uninstall it and then reinstall it.

A Drastic but Very Effective Fix

To be absolutely sure that your computer is virus- and malware free, has no significant hardware problems and has a nicely ordered hard drive with contiguous files, you will have to employ an all-in-one software suite from a reputable company.

Full System Backup.

With a suite such as Powersuite 2010, you can check your registry, thoroughly clean up the hard drive, get rid of all the malware and scareware, properly uninstall unwanted or outdated programs, get updates for those you will be keeping and then do a Full System Backup.

Full System Restore.
No Need to Re-Install Windows

To do this you will need an available/empty onboard hard drive, similar in size to the one you are "repairing." Or one of these new (1 or 2 TB sized) external hard drives. With everything properly backed up, you can now format your old C: Drive, and then do an orderly Restore.

This will write all the programs and files in a nice orderly fashion, one after the other. And you won't need to re-install Windows, or any of your other programs! In this way you will finish up with all the large files in contiguous blocks on the hard drive. Will do wonders for your computer's performance!

Real-time continuous Backup

With one of these external storage devices and Powersuite 2010 you can afterwards run disk-mirroring in the background and never fear any kind of hardware crash ever again.

With an up-to-date, full system mirror (or "clone," maintained by Powersuite) you can do a Full System Restore in a flash. (Powersuite effortlessly and unobtrusively maintains a mirror or "copy" of all actions on the main drive, giving you absolute peace of mind to restore any crashed system.) You can get Powersuite 2010 here:



Options Review

This is probably one of the most handy hints I can pass on to you with complete confidence - at some or other time something scary does go wrong on your PC. It could be Windows that worked itself into a knot. It could be a bloated Registry. Or it could be the most dreaded incident - a crashed hard drive . . .

It is at such a time that you heart-fully wish that you had a way out.

There are a number of solutions available, but only one of them (that I know of!) offers the complete range of solutions to get you out of a terrible jinx: You can even recover data from a formatted or totally crashed disk. (I've done this myself and it works like a charm! More unsettling was the realization that anybody with this powerful tool can get personal info from your thrown-out hard drive. Except, this software suite includes tools to prevent even that happening . . .)

It is true that many of the features in this software suite are available in Windows itself, but we have all had experience with using them . . . :-) The poor guys want to help you, but in the process tie themselves into knots trying to cover themselves and any and every other eventuality. One almost gets the impression they have had disagreeable experiences with law-suits . . .

I'm not going to list all the tools in Powersuite - check it out yourself (short feature summary below). I may sometimes be a bit of an emotional kind of guy, but rarely would I use the word "Awesome!" This is one of those occasions, and I would recommend this software suite without one moment of hesitation: I've personally experienced its Awesome abilities! In my book this is without a single doubt one of those Must Have Tools:



If I were you I would hurry while the Summer Sale 50% off is still available. (It is no gimmick - I have myself paid the full price on the upgrade only weeks ago.)

Feature Summary:

Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 is a must-have toolkit providing all essential utilities for every PC owner. This is an everyday toolset for PC maintenance and optimization. This is also an emergency kit for rescuing and recovering your precious data and system. With this complete package, you can almost solve all your PC problems.

Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 includes the key features below, and more.

  • PC Health Check provides 360° PC healthy status check. 1-click to check all the most important items of your PC & Windows such as registry, hard disk, anti-virus, Windows and so on. It provides an explicit Health Index evaluation and scan results of your PC healthy status. Just 1-click to fix all the weak items affecting your PC health.
  • Windows Recovery provides a complete solution to recover your corrupt Windows such as partition table recovery, master boot record, registry, lost/missing files recovery and so on.
  • TuneUp Kit (Registry Cleaner, Startup Management, Service Management, Internet Speedup; Disk Cleanup/Free, System Cleaner, IE/Firefox Privacy Cleaner, Smart Uninstall, Shortcut Cleaner; IE Repair, Right-click & IE Content menu management, IE plug-ins cleaner, Favorite to Go) Cleans your Windows registry; Enables you to choose which programs and services to run automatically at Windows startup; Optimizes your network speed; Cleans your hard disk, Windows and IE/Firefox privacy data; Removes your unwanted applications; Restores default settings of your Internet Explorer and Firefox; Manages your desktop icons and right click menu; Backs up your IE favorites and takes it anywhere you want.
  • Windows Backup & Restore backups your Windows, partition table, master boot record and registry periodically. Recover your damaged Windows when the system crashes, or recover registry when the registry crashes, or recover partition when the partition crashes or recover master boot recode when the disk crashes.
  • Password & Key Finder finds your lost passwords for Email, MSN, IE and asterisks; finds your Windows, Office and IE product or CD keys.
  • Windows Admin/User Password Recovery can easily reset Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT administrator/user password to blank.
  • Security & Privacy clears up all your activity records in your computer to protect your privacy; enable you to encrypt folders to protect your private files from being viewed by others; shred unwanted sensitive data permanently from your hard disk from being recovered and viewed by others; lock up the programs you don't want others to use. .
  • Personal Safe will split a private space from your selected disk. And you will see a new disk with the name "Personal Safe" in your "My Computer". Without password no one will even notice this space. This NEW technology will protect your personal files more conveniently and safely than ever before. .
  • Data Transfer can be used to backup your personal data before Windows reinstallation. It can transfer files to the removable media/devices, or to a second, undamaged internal hard disk when your Windows has crashed or the hard disk has been damaged. .
  • Data Recovery (Undelete, Unformat, Raw Rescue) recovers files from an accidentally formatted or reinstalled partition / disk; restore files that have been deleted accidentally, even if the file system data structures of your computer have suffered serious corruption or overwriting. .
  • Disk Backup/Restore provides all kinds of backup/restore options under Windows or when Windows crashes: Disk to Disk, Disk to Image, Disk from Image, Partition to Partition, Partition to Image, Partition from Image. You can easily backup disks/partitions or transfer all data from one disk to another, or even burn to CD/DVD, with several mouse clicks. This utility is for cloning Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista, Vista and 7. It supports IDE, SATA, SCSI, and USB interfaces. .
  • Partition Genius a powerful partition management tool. Create/delete/format your partitions; convert one partition type to another; resize/move/split/merge your partitions; hide/show a partition; work perfectly under Windows and Spotmau CD. .
  • Spotmau Secretary easily manages your daily duties and business schedules. .

  • With desktop memo, you won't miss anything any more...
  • Digital clock and Calendar.
  • Bosskey - one click to hide your chat or IE when your boss comes around.
  • One click to clean up all IE history.
  • Automatically change Wallpaper/skin.

What Tech Professionals Are Saying

" It's highly useful even if Windows doesn't load. " -- PCMag.com

" Spotmau has done a great job of creating a worthwhile software suite complete with innovative technology, some exclusive features. For convenience, customization, and confidence, Spotmau PowerSuite is a great way to go. " -- TopTenREVIEWS

" Powersuite is extremely user-friendly. Whether you possess basic computer skills or you are an advanced PC user this toolkit will not only meet your needs, it will exceed expectations! " -- RegNow

" Spotmau PowerSuite is a must-have toolkit providing all essential utilities for every PC owner. This is an everyday toolset for PC maintenance and optimization. This is also an emergency kit for rescuing and recovering your precious data and system. With this complete package, you can almost solve all your PC problems. " -- Wugnet.com

" Spotmau PowerSuite is what could be described as the ultimate Windows troubleshooting and maintenance tool. It's an easy-to-use bootable CD that you can use to solve just about any problem you may have with your PC. " -- ezinearticles.com

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