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So! You’re quite the brave one, aren’t you? Ready to put on your hard-hat and start construction of your very own website? Well, good for you! This is without doubt the most exciting thing you’ll do in a long time. The urge to create is quite strong in humankind, and, if you are lucky enough to be able to gratify it, very, very satisfactory! There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as standing back and saying: “There! Look at that!” “I’m now an expert on How to build a website!”

If you look around on the Web, you’ll find large numbers of website design and building tools and offers. Bet you top of the list will be Google’s offering: “Need To Get Your Business Online? Free Basic Site with Google AdWords.” Very good! Except it is quite “basic” and for all intents and purposes a “Start with AdWords” advertisement, which means mega bucks for Google. But then it’s also a really simple concept: Get free Google website; buy your AdWords; sell your stuff. So what’s the problem? Your only traffic puller is your AdWords campaign. Stop that, and your visitors evaporate. If your website does not inherently “pull” visitors (by way of proper design), you’re in trouble . . .

I tried that, and it did not work. To be fair, at that time I knew zilch about proper website design. No wonder it nose-dived . . .

In this same style (the Google ad, above), you’ll find umpteen offers. Some free, some very nice, some costing an arm and a leg; none really educating you. I’m pretty hard-headed, so it took me quite a while to realize this: Despite all my experience, I still did not know what really made a successful website tick. Sure, you can find the answers, if you knew the right questions to ask . . . It’s just such a morass to wade through . . .

While searching (with morass midget-clouds around my head!), I quite by chance stumbled upon a (submerged!) website that offered to answer ALL my questions. These people do not advertise, but operate solely on word-of-mouth. This makes a lot of sense, if you think about all the unsavory company among the AdWords advertisements out there – serious searchers learn to avoid them as a matter of course . . . Also, people that find them this way (word-of-mouth), will be focused, motivated searchers, not start-stoppers. They’ll have the oomph and staying power to go all the way, building a website, and right out the other end . . .

So, if you are really serious to discover how to do a proper website design, one that will really work for you, will generate satisfying numbers of happy visitors endlessly, and will monetize in every conceivable way, then be ready for white-water-rafting! The ride will be heady, often overwhelming, but unfailingly fascinating. It really is worth your every effort – ask me! In time you will own a website with top ranking at the major Search Engines (because you will know all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not the Service you pay for on the Web; the Real One.)

Without much more hoolah balooh, here is your introduction, your engraved invitation card:

Once you’ve taken the step, (or even before), come take a look at my Resources page. Here I’ll be listing handy hints and other resources and tools. Better to Bookmark and come back regularly – I’m an intrepid explorer, and like to share interesting facts and techniques, as I find them.

If you first want to meet some other happy campers, go here:

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“Build your Own Website” Tools

Solo Build It! has an overwhelmingly impressive array of powerful (and I mean Powerful) Tools to help you design and build a top-notch website. Most of these Tools do not exist or are available anywhere else on the Web. With diligent search you may find a few watered-down imitations, but none works like the original. For instance, you can do Keyword Research at e.g. Google, but that doesn’t even compare to Solo Build It’s Brainstorm It!

Do you believe Google Search is impressive? Wait until you meet Solo Build It!’s Search It! An unbelievably powerful research tool – can’t think how I ever managed without it. How I LIVED without it!

There’s also Solo Build It FindIt! This is something that I feel should be compulsory on large websites. But seldom will you even see a “Search this Website” option. Those offered often are rather wishy-washy . . . You’re plowing your way through a large, complex site with hundreds of sub-domains. You remember reading about something. “Now where did I see that?” Normally you’d have to start from scratch, reading . . . Not with Solo Build It FindIt! Within seconds you’ll have your answer. And believe me – their website is BIG.

These are just little tidbits to whet your appetite! Being there already (well-fed!), I can clearly see why Solo Build It clients become lifetime “users”, even though some of them are veteran website designers: There are just so many unique, powerful, eminently useful tools, you could easily become “addicted!” And that’s what many of us in fact do – build website after website after website – you don’t want to stop! Never say you weren’t warned: