How to Build a Successful Internet Business Website

Exactly how to build a Successful Internet Business Website is an art, but one that can be easily learned. As long as you go slowly, step by step, and spend quite some time thinking beforehand, going through the process will be a pleasure. It is when you jump off half-cocked, hitting the ground running, that you get muddled and frustrated. If you have spent some considerable time on figuring out your winner-keywords and niche-with-prospects, the rest of the process is an easy ride.

If you have come here serially (via the Home page) you're probably interested in getting more information on Solo Build It's Blockbuilder System. Have you had a good look at the SBI! Action Guide? If not, here is the link again:

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Another quick read will solidify a clear idea of the blueprint of your site, the outlay of how you want your site to be.

For a detailed Review of the actual SBI! Site Building Process, read my SBI! Process Review Page
That will give you a clear picture of exactly what is involved in the process of actually building a Website.

With this additional insight, it's once again important to have a look at other sites in your preferred domain niche, or similar niches. This time round you will quickly notice where the designers of these sites excelled in design, keyword use and content, or did not quite hit the mark. Please bear with me - going through these motions is quite important in preparing to build your own site. The more familiar you become with the features that result in a spectacular site, the easier it will be to produce your own brilliant effort!

One piece of advice I want to share with you (a bit red-faced - I've stepped into that trap myself!): Try for a short domain name. The quite common tendency is for long, multi-word domain names - a direct result of the importance of including your master niche keyword or -phrase in the domain name. Just remember: You will be typing your domain name repeatedly, on many occasions in the future. If it's too long, you will become irritated with it.

You will most probably be writing articles in future, or contribute to blogs - at these sites, you're allowed links to your site in the "sig file" - the "signature file" or "about the author" box (and only here - very rarely in the text body). Quite often you're restricted to only around 300 characters in the sig file - if your link already takes up something like 100 characters, you're not left with much for a snappy, enticing message to attract visitors . . .

One way around this is to bow the knee to the recommendation of including your keyword/phrase in the domain name. And then register a short domain name to use to re-direct traffic to your site. SBI! includes a facility called Name Park It! where you can do this, for about $10 per domain (name). (They are supplying this facility to us at a loss to themselves, but in the end, if their clients are happy and successful, so will they be.) Please make a note of this and read up about Name Park It! when you get to this stage - the information is fascinating, and the benefits manyfold!

For a detailed Review of the actual SBI! Site Building Process, read my SBI! Process Review page.

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