Making The Transition: Stay-At-Home To Work-At-Home Mom

In everyone's life the opportunity to change the course of your life radically comes past maybe a few times, sometimes only once . . . Whether you are a Mom, a Dad, or neither, this really, really is your chance to make that change . . . If there is the least spark of oomph left in you, grab it with both hands!

In this article we review a complete action plan to get to that hallowed ground: Staying at home, being your own boss, AND earning a livable income. Surveys reveal that 3 out of 4 people want to. All I can say, is "Amen!"

It is not easy to take a revolutionary step. Especially one as radical as this one. Only people without any imagination at all can do it without a moment's hesitation. To answer the many questions that will be rushing through your mind, I think the best solution is to look at a case study of someone who has accomplished it successfully. And maybe four case studies will be even better!

What I've come across while searching for solutions, is a book called the "WAHM Masters Course." It is the story of four mothers that have taken The Big Step. And made a success of it. Their book's subtitle is: "A Work-At-Home Mother's Guide to Successfully Building a Real Business on the Net." What was very pleasant about this book, is that they OVER-deliver on their promise: Virtually every aspect of such an undertaking is covered in detail, right down to how to organize your life to accommodate it. Reading this book is definitely very much a heartening and inspirational experience.

These mothers all chose the unique SBI! (Solo Build It!) approach of building (guaranteed to be) successful websites, and explain in detail exactly why they did so. (Tell you a secret? It was their story that inspired me to do the same!)

In short, this Masters Course covers…

• all the how-to information you need to get started.

• inspiring stories of real-life SBI! WAHMs and their Websites.

• tips on managing your household and family successfully while you work.

In the second chapter they review in detail the pros and cons of some of the approaches to “work outside the home.”

They then consider some of the more common ways of earning income at home, both online and offline,, and see how they compare with what they're doing.

An overview of building a content-rich Website follows, showing you why it’s such a good option for you as a WAHM. They demonstrate, in detail, how it can give you the flexibility and income you want, while at the same time providing you with a creative and satisfying ongoing enterprise that lets you reach beyond being “just Mom”.

Next they tackle the nitty-gritty section. This is where they explain how the Solo Build It! system of Website-building functions. It’s broken down into four easy stages, and they talk you through each one to give you a thorough understanding of the process.

In the third chapter, three of their favorite Case Studies are reviewed, stories of real moms like you, who are building profitable Websites today and making a great success of it. They tell you, in their own words, how their sites are working for them, how much time they put in, how much money they make and their plans for the future.

Chapter 4 is the authors' Background Story, where you can find out more about these four mothers, and how this WAHM-IT! course came into existence.

In the fifth chapter they've pulled together some Helpful Resources, everything you need to learn more and get started.

Chapter 6 introduces you to some inspirational role models - more WAHMs and how/why they started their own businesses.

The last chapter provides organizational tips to keep your family and business on a stress-free moving-forward track.

All of us have at least two or three things that excite us. We could talk about these subjects for hours. This Masters Course explains in detail how you can turn this type of deep interest and enthusiasm into a revenue-generating business.

What is your Passion? What is your Special Interest, what do you love to do, to talk about? This course can show you how to turn such an interest into something that can let you make money from it, instead of something that you are spending money on. Think about it for a minute...

Wondering how to enroll in this course? Easy! It is available as an e-Book in PDF format and take only a few minutes to download, even on a slow Internet connection. Download your own copy of The WAHM Masters Course today. It's free and it's absolutely invaluable...

You're most welcome to visit me for more information, where you can also download your free 82p eBook. And start on your life-changing adventure!


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