How To Kick-Start Long-Term Auto-Pilot Financial Freedom

Interested in How To Kick-Start Long-Term Auto-Pilot Financial Freedom?

G'day! I'm both very glad you came for a visit and happy for you in your decision - you have taken a vital step towards financial independence.

I'll shortly present a detailed look at what options you have in gaining your goal, but let me first clear the air: The system I'm suggesting is not a make-a-million-dollars-overnight system. It is also not necessarily the absolute best - there are more elaborate systems available, but they are vastly more expensive and much more difficult to master ( more here - Will open new window).

That is the crux of the matter - Consumer Wealth System (CWS) is eminently user friendly. It's assets are:

  1. NO Prior Experience
  2. Based on a simple 3-step formula
  3. This formula can be replicated in less than 1 hour
  4. This system will work until the Internet dies - totally auto-pilot
  5. Works in any market
  6. Tangible results in less than a fortnight, potentially in only 24 hours

It's so easy to apply, perhaps because it was designed by an Australian (laid-back!), it's uncomplicated to implement, clearly laid out, and very cleverly designed: The presentation of the study material and tools is absolutely one of the best I've come across. The core idea is quite unique, and the accompanying tools utterly effective and spectacular. The designer can clearly think outside the box . . . This lateral thinking is also reflected in their customer support - it is blistering, and totally unprecedented in this kind of package! This is probably what impressed me the most: The most mundane query will get a response.

Another point: Sure, I'll get commission for introducing this system, but it's a mere drop compared to what I'm earning with it - a very compelling reason in itself to share my discovery.

With that out of the way, let's look at what you will get with CWS. (Note: The information/ review I'm providing here is unavailable anywhere else on the Internet. Or off it.)

As with every similar offering out there, the system is built up out of multiple components:

  • A Core package, cost: $37 (Focuses on non-competitive markets.) This on its own is complete as a way to start building up your income streams. If you're very savvy about this kind of business (and already have a host of automation software) this is all you will need. It consists of nine training videos and nine detailed PDFs. As with other systems of this type, however, you can also lay your hands (during this session only) on some very handy accessories that will greatly simplify your task and multiply its effectiveness enormously, the so-called "Upsells".
  • "Upsell 1:" "Affiliate Siphon - Underground Site-Automation Software" This gives you the edge to accelerate your effort: Once configured, you can have a site out every 5 minutes. This software is literally setup, point and create. It also empowers you to manage all your sites from one location. Once you've thought a bit about what you will be doing (i.e. create multiple income streams), you'll realize how crucial it is to keep track of all of them - all from the one dashboard. This tool is unquestionably unique in the competitive advantage it provides you. Cost: $67/month.
  • Upsell 2: "5 Autopilot CWS Plug And Play Sites" This is the ultimate "This is how you do it." You get the product research, the site template, the product reviews, the promotion material, everything you need to kick off. Cost: $67.
  • Upsell 3: " ArticleMarketingAutomation - Underground Software Leverage." The bastion, the crux of what you'll be doing: Applying Long Term Leverage to Free Google Traffic - a Search Engine Ranking Machine. (An automated link building, search engine dominating machine.) Cost: $47/month. A must-have: The Best on the Web!

That's it, in a nutshell. To recap: For only $104 once off and $114 per month (the best deal on the Web!), you will have an extremely powerful package to create multiple, automatic, long-term income streams. Once you've completed the Core Training, you'll know exactly what to do; with the add-on tools, nothing can keep you back! What on earth are you waiting for!? Get started right away: . Consumer Wealth System is the ultimate cream of the crop . . .

Still reading!? I'm going to do something shocking: I'll give you some more help, without attempting to harvest your email address. I'm so confident that this offer is the most complete tool you'll ever need, I can't see the need to pester you with other offers of the same! Below will be a link to a very informative PDF - it will help you understand the principle of the CWS type of system. Right-click to download this PDF file here

With this information you will already be in a position to kick-start your first income stream. After studying this brochure, you may feel the need to put your effort on steroids:

For some excellent training, additional ideas, superb automation tools; in fact a complete pre-designed system, you just cannot do better than trying out Consumer Wealth System .

If you ever gave the heartfelt cry: "Please give me something that WORKS!" today you've found it!

Testimonials from the Heart

I've known Marc and Daniel for a number of years now, they even flew all the way to New Zealand to meet me about 4 years ago. Back then Daniel introduced me to an approach to affiliate marketing that was similar to the CWS approach and as a result I made a lot of money from it.

Since then they've refined their methods and made them even better and it only takes a few hours now to build one of the sites that they teach and I think that's fantastic, especially for newbies.

The training inside CWS is top notch, they've made sure not to 'pad it out' with too much training, yet they have made sure not to leave anything out either as nothing is 'assumed knowledge', I'm confident that anyone who follows this course to the T will make good money from it.

Kind regards,

Mark Ling

"My name is Don and I began trying to make money online in 2005 selling drop shipped products on E-bay and Amazon to very sporadic results. The problem was I didn't have 10-12 hours a day to devote to doing that stuff. I maybe had one or two hours after working all day. I knew there had to a better way I just didn't know what it was. I didn't know how to build a web site or get traffic to a web site. So, I spent tons of money trying every so called secret that Google and the experts don't want you to know, every short cut to millions and yet I was still struggling with very limited results.

In 2006 I began using PLRpro content from Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsey. However, I was working from a handicap. I wouldn't do very much because I didn't know how everything worked. I didn't know the vocabulary, HTML or any of the technical stuff. In fact I was so afraid of screwing things up that I ended up doing nothing. I was so green I didn't even know what a blog was much less how WordPress worked.

When I would ask for support, I would get personal email tips from Daniel and Marc themselves. This impressed the fire out of me. These guys were genuinely interested in my personal success not just trying to sell me the next product in their sales funnel. They were willing to invest themselves in my success rather than me investing in theirs. That impressed me even more.When I became one of Daniels Guinea Pigs, the idea for the CWS system was being birthed. I still only knew just enough to be dangerous and not enough to be productive.

I began using CWS in its infancy and I now am on track to retire from my 9-5 in 6 months to a year. CWS took me from having nothing but a desire to an actual real time income. I went from making $100 or so every couple of months to over $2,500 per month in under 4 months. Last year I couldn't spell Internet Marketer, now I are one.

The training and support was more than I could have ever expected. Nowhere else are you able to find people who will invest themselves in your success instead of trying to sell you another product or some expensive mentoring program. Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsey are so approachable and I consider both of these men my very good friends even though I have never met them personally. I live in Texas and they of course are in Australia. However, Skype makes them like my next door neighbors. Isn't technology wonderful!!!!

Listen to me. There is no get rich quick scheme or any shortcut to millions out there. Making real money online is done only one way. Putting up good content that people want to read along with an offer to buy your product and then driving quality traffic to that content. Then rinse and repeat. CWS provides you the tools to do all that and much more.

If you are looking for a way to just make a little extra money working a few hours a week, if you want a good full time income from your home or if you are looking to build your retirement within a couple of years, then the CWS system is the only one you need to use. It will get you where you want to go wherever that place is. Get off all those other e-mail lists and join The Consumer Wealth System.

If someone as ignorant as me can go from being confused and abused by so many to making an actual living online, then you can as well. CWS is the only thing you will need."