Emergency Room for the Earn Online Money War Casualties

ER Reception

OK. Let’s have a real good look at you. If you get sent to the wrong Ward, you may never come to this ER Room again! (The pictures are the links!)

  • Dead-on-Arrival:

    You’ve “Had It” – there’s no truth on the Internet; there’s nobody you can trust; there’s nothing to be done. In fact: “There’s No Life After Death!” Indeed!? What you need is some Emergency Resuscitation, some CPR: Go to DOA

  • First Degree Burns:

    You’ve Really Burnt your Fingers! But with proper treatment, you’re rearing to go! What you need is some ideas. Go to Serious Burns Unit

  • Outpatients:

    Bleeding-but-breathing-and-still-walking? You’re definitely a self-help go-getter. With some treatment, advice, and a few pointers, you’ll be off like greased lightning! Go to I’m a Sprinter

  • I’m Outa Here!

    Don’t need any of that TLC sissy stuff, thank you! Nothing wrong with me – only came in to have a look around after all. No worries Mate – have a good one! Grab yourself a Red Bull on your way out at Discharge

  • Extended Rehabilitation Care:

    “I’m feeling much better now, thank you for all the help. But I’d still like to talk to someone, get some counseling, like, you know?” For that, you need to go to Rehab