Building a Successful Internet Business

Do you want to build a successful Internet Business? The overwhelming need to "earn online" has produced too many a casualty, and in many cases totally needless. To establish an Internet Business is essentially quite simple. To establish an Internet Business that is successful is a totally different matter. There is a vast difference.

Welcome to this Website

The purpose of this Site is to reach people that are like me: I'm painfully slow and cautious and need to think about things. And then think some more. Before I do something daring (like starting an Internet Business Website!) I need to see some proof, some examples of other people who've done it. Examples of how they've done it. But then, once I've started, committed, so to say, I'm like a frisky horse - there's no keeping me back - I just want to run! Once you've done the same, you will understand me better: It's all so exciting and exhilarating, every and each day I just stand in awe-struck wonder at how things happen as I've been told it would.

Building a successful Internet Business - Building Trust

Back to earth. On this site I'm attempting to draw together some aspects of website creation that would've helped me in the early stages. Remember - I've never done this before (although I've dreamed about it!), but for instance, it would've been nice if I've met or knew someone I could trust, and this person would've told me: "Check out this crowd: They've designed an awesome system to build websites and you really can trust them - they're not only after getting your money." Now that would've been priceless advice - it would've taken so much of the "angst" and ambiguity and irresolution off my mind... If I knew right from the start that "this system WORKS; it's flawlessly thought-out; it's a proven system," my experience would've been totally different... If I could've switched off "Angst" and switched on "Work" who knows where I could've been... I truly hope what I offer here works for you . . .

I know we (you and me) have not yet reached a position of trust, but I sincerely believe that such a state can be attained as you browse through this site: I've done my best to stay away from hype and "pushing a sale" type of writing. Throughout I've tried to stay true to the purpose of this site (pure, simple advice!), and restrict myself to pointing the way to go: Order of doing things; pitfalls to watch out for; handy facts to remember; where to go for this or that . . .

Wherever the site-content starts to sound a bit like hype or sales talk, blame it on my enthusiasm! Like a boy with a new toy, I find it hard to sit still and concentrate - there's just so much I have to share... I tend to run around in circles, shouting at the top of my voice: Look here! and Look at this! Pardon my boisterousness . . .

Building a successful Internet Business - Site plan

On this Site I will do my best to highlight some of the aspects that will smooth the process of establishing an online presence. The issues I discuss in the next webpages are imperative, and reading carefully through these pages will prepare you mentally to build your own successful Internet Business. Being prepared and aware of them beforehand will make the whole process pure pleasure.

But first let me explain the difference between the two statements I made in the first paragraph:

  • Simple Internet Business. It's as easy as getting a free website (ex., Google, Tripod, Squidoo, etc.) and promoting a product or service. The negative side includes: Limited Design (and very little help); limited Disk space and visitor bandwidth; unwanted and/or unsuitable ads; getting visitors/traffic requires hard work and high costs (advertising/AdWords, etc.) Another option is to fall in with an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Scheme. Problem here is that the shading between legal/illegal pyramid scheme is murky. A tip-off usually is whether there is more pressure on you to recruit-and-sell than to sell a product to outsiders.
  • Successful Internet Business. Such a business completely satisfies both the search engines and visitors, and thus becomes successful effortlessly. As that is very desirable, the only negative side is identifying the means to achieve such success: The Web is soaked with offers from website builders, but very few actually deliver successful websites. We will have to look at this choice very carefully and in depth.
  • Action Plan to Establish a Successful Business Website:

    1. Choose your Niche within a topic. Crucial to the success of the site - very important subject!
    2. Choose your Website Host. You do not want your website's size or access bandwidth limited, do you?
    3. Build your Website. Choose your implementation carefully - you want as many design tools as possible to be available.
    4. Accelerate Traffic. You want to implement as many ways as possible to draw visitors to your site.
    5. Monetize. Need help with ideas to generate income? Even "passive" income from the site?

    6. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

      A common sight for visitors to a site with limited bandwidth:

      As you will see on the following pages, there is only one website host that will allow you unlimited webpages and guarantee unrestricted visitor access.


      Read the Choose your Niche page next. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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